TimeWatcher 5.11

Enacts parental controls on a PC
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Control the maximum amount of time that can be spent in front of the computer, block specific applications from running and enforce the restrictions set in place.

TimeWatcher 5.1 is the software you need to run an Internet Cafe or take control on the time your kids use the internet.
This is a simple software which lets you control some functions of your computer so you could be able to manage and restrict the use of the internet in your home computer.

It also let you block some of the programs you have installed so your kids could not use them. And also it lets you reinforce some settings so they may not have the capability to change with your restrictions. This feature its also a good feature to use in your Internet Cafe,with your clients.

Time Watcher 5.1 was designed from the beginning to be use on Internet Cafes so is a simple, straight forward, useful software which will make your life easy if you are an Internet Cafe owner.
One more feature TimeWatcher 5.1 has its the log feature. This feature lets you analyze every single action realized on the computer. Every window opened and every program will be logged so you can be aware of what was done in the computer.

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